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"Should I take a laxative or get my colon irrigated?"
―"Weird Al" expressing his feeling to the world about his constipation
"Weird Al" Yankovic
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19 BBY


None, because he is a god!


Weird guy

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"Weird Al" Yankovic or Weird Ass Yankyoballs to some Non-fanboys, was a big Star Wars fan who cleverly became the first person in the world to correctly pronounce "Coruscant", with a "zant" versus a "cant" in his song "I Wanna Be a Jedi", err "The Saga Begins". Back in the 80s, he did it again with a song called "Frog" about Yoda just as of after the movie released. Most fanboys worship the satirical efforts of Weird Al, but many non-fanboys appreciate his level of geekiness in favor of Star Wars. People think he wrote a book. He could have. I think he was a actor or something.


Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al, eating his microphone

Al first became a star singing about how it really sucks to get crammed in some bus with people who haven't showered in a year and steal your wallet (now your gonna have nightmares huh?). Through his years, he thinks some songs have very bad taste, and made new songs to put some zing. I mean, really! Who would want to listen to a drunk girl singing about complicated crap when you can listen to Weird Al sing about constipation?! Anyway, Al first thought of song to tell the tastiness of bologna, although it is very disgusting. He sent to the Jerry Springer Show, making it a big hit. Al recorded other songs, for two reasons, because some are very good songs and he needed to get it recognized more, and some sucked so bad, it needed improve it (such as i like small buts). Although some songs he made weren't perfect, he added music videos for more zing.

Al was used as a test subject to make the very first clone. Once the clone was completed, he actually made up a song about that called "I Think I'm a Sith Now", err, sorry, "I Think I'm a Clone Now". When finished, he made more clones to make more songs for him. However, his clones' songs didn't get published, so the clones placed them illegally on the internet. One song that had to do something with Star Wars,"Star Wars Cantina" (Duh), was never published, but told the cruelness of Chalmun's Cantina then he made two more yoda and the saga begins.

New lookEdit

Al's glasses were replaced with contacts, and shaved off his mustache because with his glasses, it doesn't mix. He became a vegetarian, because John Williams was.

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