An A-Wing, made of scrap parts

"I'm so fast, you can't catch me!"
―An A-wing pilot, seconds before hitting an asteroid

"A-wings" were small, agile craft that lacked shields and did't require any skills to pilot. They had twin mounted laser cannons that could go around in "360" degrees, making any idiotic pilot (preferably from Tatooine) seem like an ace. A-wings were very cheap and easy to design; they were usually made up of leftover meals which made the ship perfect for the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance ordered wait "THOUSANDS" of these ships so that they can equal the Empire's TIE fighters. They had a maximum speed of 5000mph which resulted in almost instantaneous blackout for a sober pilot. In result of this, the Rebel Alliance hired any drunk they could possibly find for this fighter.

A-wings and their pilotsEdit


A typical drunk A-wing pilot

A-wing pilots were usually drunks and washouts in all types of ship handling. The Alliance would send them to a "training school" in which they developed enough hand-eye coordination to not damage friendly forces. After that stage, the Alliance sent them into combat and prayed that they would be better pilots then their just-as-intempt TIE-flying counterparts.

Though they weren't capable of planetary destruction, the impact of a single A-wing on a Super Star Destroyer's conning tower could bring down the nineteen-kilometer long behemoths. One drunken A-wing pilot single-handedly turned the tide at the Battle of Endor when he obliterated the "Executor", Darth Vader's flagship Sadly, this suicidal brave person did not survive.

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