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As you read above, Fordo PWN3D, and was unstoppable at everything he tried. For instance, if he wanted to destroy an entire droid army by himself (take note: he already has), then the task would be done by the time you finish reading this sentence. It took no amount of skill for this clone to kill droids; in fact, it was one of his hobbies. Fordo is notable as the only person ever in Star Wars history to be a clone and still be awesome and PWN. After he won the Clone Wars for everyone in the galaxy, he turned to the Dark Side for semi-obvious unknown reasons, and created his own Empire, which he called I PWN THIS GALAXY. He then went on to also be the only person EVER to PWN every single being in the galaxy. After this, he settled down into a chair and let the Galaxy run its course, which eventually destroyed it. He was practically God. Not even Kyle Katarn knew how to do the things Fordo did, and no one in the galaxy ever found out that he was a dictator over them, not even Darth Vader or Palpatine. He never died, and he outlived the Force. He then lived evilly ever after. THE END

Personality and traitsEdit

Fordo was courageous, awesome and unstoppoble warrior. He was that cool, that he was raping rapping in the middle of the hottest battles. His songs used to motivate his fellow clones to fight even better. Fordo ALWAYS shot first and asked questions later, FACT!!!!

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