Accident-Prone Amphibian Anti-Defamation League
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Number of members

0 (was over 4569708749490)

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Average Gender

Male, Female, and Hermaphrodites

Personal information

Prevention of Insults on Accident-Prone Amphibians (PIAPA)

"Rrrribbit <thwack> Owww!!"
Yoda, founder of the Accident-Prone Amphibian Anti-Defamation League

The Accident-Prone Amphibian Anti-Defamation League (or PIAPA) was an organization dedicated to the prevention of insults on Accident-Prone Amphibians, founded by Yoda and administrated by a group of Whingers.

Founded in 1620 BBY aboard HMS Bratwurst & Mustard -- the prison-ship upon which Yoda was then paying his debt to society for an attempted murder of Yaddle -- it was dissolved in 1620 BBY due to the deaths of all its members in an ACCIDENT.

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