"I'll get that Kanan and finally get to feel his pony tail"

"What the fuck"

―Agent Kallus and The Inquisitor


Agent Kallus admiring a picture of Ezra and Kanan.

Agent Kallus was an in the closet homosexual agent for the Imperial Security Bureau. Kalus had one job and one job only, to kill rebels which he was very bad at. He was suppose to be a major threat that the rebels should fear but he never killed a single one of them. However Kallus did seem to have luck on his side because the rebels had every opportunity possible to kill him and he survived every time. He was not cared about around the empire as Admiral Konstantine didn't give a crap about him.

the Inqusitor would later be killed by jedi knight Kanan Jarrus leaving Kallus in a position of greater power. But tow more inquisitors came along and runined his chances. He thrived to kill kanan and Ezra Bridger many times, but they were Jedi so he always lost, be it having his ships blown up by a single B-wing, or losing the Rebels in a nebula or getting force pushed off a bridge, the number of screw ups Kallus had in his earlier encounters with the Rebels is pathtic.

eventully, he tracked them to a Geonosis but got stuck in and escape pod with his rival Zeb Orrelios. They crashed on the icy moon of Geonosis. While there they were forced to team up to fight the wild cannibal beasts that lived in the caves their . Zeb saved Kallus's life but the lassat friends found him first. Zen left with them and the empire eventually picked kallus up. Kallus eventually defected, sabotaging Thrawns droids and becoming a captain in the Rebel alliance. He then travelled to Lothal ready for an attack. He helped in the battle of Lothal and they left with Zeb as they obviously had a crush on each other.


A couple times the rebels bitch asses failed to kill Kallus's bitch ass.