And That, My Son, is Where Babies Come From was the quintessential work on the courting and mating rituals and processes of many species within the galaxy.


First published on Coruscant approximately three thousand, one hundred fifty-nine years after the founding of the Galactic Republic, the book was updated every five years to reflect the addition of new forms of sentient life. It was readily available to any sentient who had reached the age of majority, however it was often obtained illegally by adolescents who were eager to behold images of naked beings.

After Palpatine declared himself Emperor and formed the Galactic Empire, he made a half-hearted attempt to expunge all "grotesque" non-human species from the record. Realizing, however, that knowing how to seduce these far-flung flings was a good way to maintain power over them, the Emperor halted his efforts, and allowed the half-decade revisions to resume.


As well as an alphabetical listing of species, among the more controversial subjects which the tome covered were such diverse topics as interspecies lesbianism, asexual budding, and long-distance copulation over the HoloNet. Some puritanical elements within galactic culture decried the frank depictions of sexual practices as "corruptive" and "licentious" – a few extremists attempted to equate beholding the book's contents to falling to the dark side of the Force.

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