Aratech Corporation was a galaxy-spanning manufacturer way before, somewhat before, right before, during, and after the Galactic Empire. It manufactured all kinds of funky gizmos, ranging from weapons and droids to bi-personnel air-borne semi-sentient explosive projectiles. Its primary contractors were evil police states, such as the Old Republic, to whom it supplied imitations of Czerka Corporation products. These products differed from Czerka's in that they actually worked.


Aratech Corporation was founded by three brothers from Bespin, who began it after their selling of their great aunt into Hutt slavery went afoul. Pursued by agents of the vengeful relative, they used Aratech as a cover to keep their identities secret. It worked because their names remained unknown; indeed, they were never discovered.

After several years of unsuccessful investments, two of the brothers sold their shares in the venture, and left to seek their fortunes in the wide world. One went on to become a Sith and the other, owing to his indecisive nature, a Dark Jedi. They remained in contact with the third brother, however, and were given countless loans when hard-up for credits. This led to a financial crisis seventeen years later, when outraged creditors converged on Aratech's headquarters, brandishing blasters. Nevertheless, fortune eventually favored the company. During the Mandalorian Wars, Aratech won several top-secret weapons contracts from Revan, who wanted top-secret weapons built in secrecy so that no one would know the secret.

In the centuries after the war, and the war that followed, and the war that followed that, and the war that followed the war that followed the war that followed... Come to think of it, the Old Republic which brought "peace and stability" to the galaxy, was almost always at war. This makes it not unlike a pigeon suddenly elected to Galactic Senate, especially one which goes on to institute an anti-trust campaign against blue milk exporters. Speaking of which, did you know that five-sixths of Rodians are allergic to bug spray? Maybe it's those big, bug-like eyes. But I digress. The point is, uh, pointy.

Aratech went on to become very successful, and the unnamed third brother became very rich. He then bought a summer home on Ryloth and founded a dynasty, all male members of which were prone to liking Twi'leks. Their murders at the hands of these same Twi'leks also proved hereditary, though the galaxy at large never noticed.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Aratech Repulsor Company.

Major ProductsEdit

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