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Aurra Sing is a sexy prostitute skilled bounty hunter that, in a typical show of George Lucas's racism, is very white. She also has an antennae on her head that helps her recieve information, and a ponytail that makes fanboys (and, frankly, most fangirls) masturbate. She never succeeds in killing her targets, even if they are lesbian douchebags, but she did have a successful business relationship with the pirate Jack Sparrow Hondo Ohnaka.

After capturing a few Clone Troopers, Aurra held them hostage, which caused a dude in an elephant mask and Ahsoka "horny bitch" Tano to come negotiate with Aurra. Aurra tried to escape, but Ahsoka proved to the bounty hunter that she was skilled with a dildo lightsaber.

After all, the orange bitch is quite talented.

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