BB-8 is a ball droid and the main character in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In an exclusive interview BB-8 claimed the beginning of Episode seven Luke Skywalker returns to his home of Tatooine in order to eat the fried corpse of Jabba (Which was cooked to perfection). Sadly Luke chokes to death so BB-8 grabs Luke's lightsaber and assumes the role of the protagonist. With the lightsaber BB-8 slices a lot of people up throughout the film.

BB-8 rolling while wielding the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker.

Biography Edit

Contrary to popular belief that BB-8 can only roll over dirt paths, as seen in the trailer, BB-8 can roll on many surfaces. The entire movie he was thinking about rolling up walls. Ninty minutes of the film are him rolling over dirt, Eventfully he runs into the knees of Darth Vader, who the writers apparently brought back to life.

BB-8 runs on a windows operating system, he was built in Tunisia by a young JJ Abrams.

His favorite movies are the Fast and Furious, also he likes Mad Max.

He auditioned for the role of the Hulk in the next of many Marvel films, but lost the role to a tennis ball.

He hates sports because he feels it is much like a genocide to balls.

Sebulba sprayed dirt on the ground for BB-8 during the filming of episode 7.

BB-8 Exclusive Interview on Comedy Bang Bang Edit

BB-8 made an appearance on the Podcast Comedy Bang Bang, entering at the 28:00 minute of the episode, where he dropped some spoilers about his role in Star Wars.

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