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Sesame Street

Baby Bear is a barbaric member of Sesame Street. He is responsible for the death of Goldilocks and is a hybrid between a bear and a puppet.

Early LifeEdit

The furry mammal was born on Earth, since it's odd since we all know it's not real. When he was a child, everyone thought he was a normal bear. However this all changed one day when his parents found the mutilated body of a young girl in his bed after she had slept in it. His parents grounded him for eternity, causing him to go insane and kill them as well. He also devoured his sister for dessert. Afterwards, he started mutilating anyone he can find, becoming responsible for the deaths of many people.

Joining Sesame StreetEdit

Eventually, Darth Elmo found Baby Bear eating a corpse. Realizing that he was a very deadly bear, Darth Elmo assimilated the mammal, also making him part Puppet. He introduced him to the fellow members, becoming the closest to Cookie Monster. Elmo sent him on many missions, mainly to kill anything that moves. Darth Elmo allowed him to eat the carcasses when he was done, so he didn't need payment, much to the evil Sith Lord's glee.

Reaction to Darth Elmo's DeathEdit

After discovering that Darth Elmo was dead, he attended his funeral, and attempted to eat Kermit the Frog's legs, forcing the amphibian to run his butt out of there.


Eventually, the intergalactic police decided to put an end to the life of the demonic bear (and Puppet). Hunters were sent to dispatch the bear. Most of the hunters were devoured by the bear, but he was eventually hit with a tranquilizer dart. Since he was still more animal than puppet, they decided to take him to the vet to be euthanized. The demonic bear was no more.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Baby Bear was able to store honey in his fur, which eventually turned into a deadly poison over time. This was part of the reason why he was able to kill his victims so efficiently, the other was simply because he had an insatiable appetite. His claws were sharper than daggers, and could cut through flesh with ease. His fur was so thick it made him virtually bulletproof, and impossible to harm with lightsabers or other cutting weapons. His urine was capable of melting steel, which he stored within bottles.

This article is called Baby Bear. Baby Bear has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Baby Bear can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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