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Bad Mr. Frosty's Team Journal records events made by Bad Mr. Frosty and his Clayfighter Team's experiences in their first meeting to the destruction of Darth Daffy and the Daffia. number of entries is 200

Entry 1Edit

"Today, I experienced the tounament today with my team of fighters. I'm sure it was a learning experience for all of us, but with Blob's high intelligence saying that it was just violent, I may be wrong. I think he has a point. No matter, however, tommorow will be round two of the tournament. I must get some sleep, or I'll become more grouchy than I usually am."

Entry 2Edit

" Today was perfect! I won all the matches for this homecoming! Maybe I'm not such a bad guy after all!"

enTrY ThReeEdit

"I am Taffy, worldwide candyman! Today I scored in all 15 matches for this homecoming! I might just be able to edge out Frosty sometime, heh!"

entry 4Edit

" Frosty here. Today I think Helga might have overdosed on the Blue milk this morning. She always had a love for consuming things. I found out Taffy edged me out on the homecoming today! Right now I'm 2nd in the tournament. I just think of Helga when I first think about food. Reminds me of Taffy who would always scarf down his cakes and candies from his stash. He always had a sweet tooth. And when we had dessert, he always ate it all up, leaving none for us! If Taffy reads about me trash talking him, I'd better make up a secret language for words!






Right now I'm still thinking up more, but I should take time to consider my bedtime."

Entry 5Edit

"I heard today about a break from the fighting competition. We get to have a week's vacation. I think I'll go to the North Pole for mine. Helga wants to go to Greenland, Ickybod wants to go Translyvania, and the others don't know where they wanna go."

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