Planet of origin


Average length

800 m to 10 km

Skin color

Green, orange, pink membrane


Giant gasbags

Beldons were giant floaty, balloony creatures that lived on Bespin. They were giant membranes filled with gas, with fragile tentacles trailing beneath them. Because they were essentially giant living gasbags, they were often mistaken for Galactic Senators. They ate floating nutrients and organic compounds in the atmosphere, and their massive farts were comprised of a valuable substance called tibanna gas, which could be used in hyperdrive and sublight engines, as well as blasters.

Beldons reproduced by releasing sperm and egg cells into the wind, where they drifted randomly and eventually gave birth to a homeless, lonely baby beldon. Beldons were heartless bastards. They didn't even bother building orphanages for the little guys. It's bad enough they let loose clouds of splooge that floated everywhere... I mean, imagine. If you're outside on Cloud City on a windy day, you're probably getting all kinds of beldon skeet in your hair.

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