Bendak Starkiller.

―Bendak Starkiller, wishing a group of Cabal members good luck, just before being killed by their leader.

Bendak Starkiller was an EL SALVAMANDALORIAN soccer player on Taris and a firm Star Trek-hater.


Banished from Mofference

Starkiller and another are banished from the mofference.

Born in 1996 BBY, Starkiller often found joy in repeatedly invading Mofferences, asking the question, "IST THIS TEH MOFFERPANTS???" However, all of that changed when he was banned from nearly every world in the galaxy, retiring on Taris and becoming a duelist. While searching for his ho who was in danger of being traded off to Jawbone, Revan came across Bendak, who began ranting nonsense about a "duel". Revan continued on, not giving a thought about this odd man. After the course of many years, Starkiller settled down with a young man who was only known as "Schwinky", until the Cabal decided to do the galaxy a favor and just kill him. Bendak's Force ghost would later visit Cloud City to see the revelation of Darth Vader being the father of Luke Skywalker, causing him to cry uncontrollably until (Date/Month/Year).

Bendak Starkiller: A Man of Four WordsEdit

Bendak Starkiller: A Man of Four Words, the memoirs of Bendak, were finally published by Karen Traviss, revealing many sides to Starkiller the world never wanted to know. The following is an excerpt, delving us into the life that was Bendak Starkiller:

I born in Tatooine in times form Old Republic era, my best friend Anakin and Greedo; we took a walk with muestros Speeder by all Tatooine, my favorite places are:

I was on the verge of which Sarlacc devoured to me, but Anakin and Greedo saved to me… But a day, I took leave of Tatooine, temporarily, I went to a unknown planet to train Jedi cone to me, my teacher Yoda says that I will be a powerful Jedi, and of there, I grew in powers and age, I was congealed per years, until I returned to house, to Tatooine, there I was my ex-companion Obi-Wan, and it said the happened thing to me, the Sith empire against had attacked and today it had all the power… but I kept the hopes from which someday Jedi we will prevail on the dark emperor, but first she would know the one son my better friends, Luke Skywalker, the Blue Angel, I already knew that she would make redeem my friend and to be the Chosen one so that fulfilled the prophecy of the teacher Bodo Baas when feeling the tranquility in the Force, I went to Endor to celebrate next to the rebellion, the balance of the Force, and to my they promoted Jedi Master to me At the alive present time in Mos Eisley, but always I travel to Bespin or to where the Force calls to me…


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