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Bib Fortuna, also known as Fibb Borblooblah was one of those ugly Twi'leks, the kind the hot Twi'leks tend to enslave. Old Bibby boy, however, was unfortunate enough to be enslaved by a giant slug not worth risking the whip to take a peek at. He apparently found Artoo-Detoo attractive, as he is seen lovingly stroking the droid's dome in Return of the Jedi. His overall appearance improved after his brain was removed and placed in some spider-thingie.

Or was that when he had that run-in with those Dark Falls people? You know, when he got eaten by some sort of viper. No one can really be sure...

Unlike most his species, Fortuna was an ugly punk who grew up on the streets. He at some point was brought to the fat crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure and became his major-domo. Bib fortuna wasn't everywhere with his slug boss.

They went to the Boonta Eve Classic but Jabba fell asleep so Bib had to wake him up. Others would have let the hutt slip into a coma.

Fortuna lived at Jabbas palace and was there when Luke Skywalker arrived. He later joined Jabba aboard his sail barge, the khettana. Luke later fired its lasers at its deck, and with Jabba deaed from Leia, Fortuna and most of Jabba minions died in the explosion. Nobody missed him, as expected.