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Where Bidlo Kwerve is now....

Bidlo Kwerve was a man best-known for being the first man to become rancor chow to Jabba's ferocious beast..

Early LifeEdit

Bidlo Kwerve was Human, so his early life was really lame and left's skip that part, shall we?

Joining Jabba the Hutt's GangEdit

Jabba the Hutt, looking for a new gangster to add to his criminal empire, deciding he wanted a human to join, as for some reason this was one of the few species that was not part of the gang (The other was the Puppet, which was too evil for Jabba's tastes.)

Choosing at random, Bidlo Kwerve became this human.


One day Bidlo Kwerve and Bib Fortuna decided to give Jabba a present. Luring a rancor into a trap using a whopper with cheese, they brought the rancor to Jabba.

Jabba was pleased, and offered one of them a lesser reward and the other a bigger one. Bib Fortuna chose the lesser reward, but Bidlo Kwerve was greedy and chose the bigger one.

Unfortunately, this reward was to become the Rancor's main course. Bidlo Kwerve screamed as he fell through the trapdoor and straight into the Rancor's mouth.

Bidlo Kwerve, in extreme pain, accidentally caused his head to be separated from his body, which decomposed in record's time. His skull was used by Luke Skywalker to kick the rancor's ass.

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