Billaba's interposing hand

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"You can't leave me. I've got hand!"
―Depa Billaba

Billaba's interposing hand was a Force power developed by Depa Billaba that conjured a giant visible hand of force that could stop creatures in their tracks. Unlike most Force-conjured telekinetic effects, the interposing hand was tangible and could even be attacked with lightsabers.

Other related Force powers included Billaba's crushing hand, Billaba's crushing hand, Billaba's grasping hand, Billaba's forceful hand, Billaba's slapping hand, Billaba's clenched fist, Billaba's give 'em a big hand, Billaba's Invisible Hand, Billaba's upper hand, Billaba's talk to the hand, etc.

Mara Jade Skywalker, the Emperor's Hand, had no respect for Depa Billaba or her silly powers.

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