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"My good friends, the Liberal Galactic media is at it again. They never stop! Now they're trying to convince us that Hoth is melting. Well thats crazy, just trying to scare us. If that wasn't enough to get you mad we now have news that Lando Calrissian has been made the Chief Administer of the Bespin mining facility. Gee I wonder how he got that job, well let me tell you how he got that job, Affirmative action strikes again... time is 8:50. I am an idiot."
―A dumb Republican Imperial newscaster who was born without a brain because he is a Republican[src]
"Damn. What an amazing show. Damn. What an amazing writer."
George Lucas on Blue Harvest
"That's just wrong. We're supposed to be the communists!"
Palpatine on Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest is a special episode of genius and Democrat Rebel Seth McFarlane's brilliant show Family Guy. It was directed by Seth McFarlane, written by Seth McFarlane, and marketed by Seth McFarlane. All characters were voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

The show was a parody of the Battle of Yavin, and was actually a thinly disguised attempt by MacFarlane to get the Rebel Alliance to adopt left-wing principles and form a socialist government, with MacFarlane as supreme leader.

Apparently, this agenda would have made Blue Harvest very popular among Imperials, except that the Imperials themselves were portrayed as rednecks in the episode. In particular, the part of Emperor Palpatine was played by Evil Emperor Bush (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, of course). But of course, since Bush was evil, the Empire loved him... oh wait! What are the Imperials? Communists or fascists? Are they evil hippie tyrants or evil redneck tyrants? Emperor Stalin or Emperor Hitler? The world will never know...

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