Blue Max
Production information





Computer interface unit

Technical specifications

0.4 m


High-pitched but male

Sensor color


Chronological and political information

Han Solo

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"Pick me up! Put me down! Get me a coffee! Pick me up again! Drive me to the post office! Put me between that woman's breasts! Cut my steak into little bits and feed it to me! Hey, wait! Get me out of this gym locker! What are you doing? Don't lock it! Come back! Was it something I said?"
―Blue Max, ordering Bollux around

Blue Max was a slicer droid who accompanied Han Solo, Chewbacca and Bollux during their adventures in the Corporate Sector. He was an immobile blue box that had to be carried around at all times by Bollux. He could talk, but not move, and his only skill was his ability to hack into and control computers. Sometimes this turned out to be useful... sometimes, but not a lot. Mostly Han and Chewie just toted him around from place to place, waiting for him to make snarky comments.

Blue Max later became the spokesperson for, taking pictures of himself in far-flung, exotic locations. At one point, accusations were made that he had threatened to stab someone, but these were quickly dismissed on the grounds that he had no arms, and the fact that the accusing Devaronian was delirious with hunger at the time.

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