"Boonta is the day after Boonta Eve"
Darth Obvious

Boonta was the day after Boonta Eve.

The reasons for this day to even exist are explained in Boonta Eve. This day should never really have been. It only exists because of Boonta Eve. Since there was a Boonta Eve, there obviously needed to be something following the Eve to be celebrated.

Anyway, Darth Darth Binks declared this to be a good day for having loads of fun, so it was a very common for a lot of nefarious Sith things to happen on Boonta. Darth Elmo was born on Boonta. It was also a great day for getting drunk, killing people, and being a nuisance (sometimes all three).

Jedi loathed this celebration of Evil since they were incapable of consuming alcohol and getting into the Boonta holiday spirit.

Events on Boonta DayEdit

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