Bossk ("Eats His Friends")
Biographical information

Trash Trandosha


53 BBY


12 ABY, outside McDonald's

Physical description

Trash Trandoshan




1.9 meters

Eye color


Chronological and political information
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"Say, pal, you gonna keep that left arm of yours? I'm beyond hungry right now."
―Bossk, remarking on his eating habits (loosely translated and edited)

Bossk was some weird, lizard-faced thing in that movie Star Whores or something. And man, was he ugly. Sure, you think Nien Nunb and his "frilly face" push the boundaries of ugly, but you haven't seen atrocious until you've seen Bossk. The drooling bastard had some yellow-brown skin that looked more like vomit smeared all over his disgusting, scaly face. And to add on to his disturbing natural appearance he wore these disgusting yellow clothes that were entirely ugly and unfashionable. Just the mere sight of him has caused several people to die from over-vomiting (Over-vomiting didn't exist until someone puked non-stop for five minutes after seeing him). In other words, the guy was an ugly ass lizard with a body shaped strangely like a human. He was killed by Elmo.jr for wanting KFC instead of unleashing a great evil. Bossk 's corpse was then tossed into Mcdonalds.

Dieting HabitsEdit

Apart from having a sick appearance, Bossk was also one sick person. Maybe it's culture for his species to eat a lot of shit, but here on Earth with sane people, it's downright horrible. And this guy ate like crazy. And no, it wasn't just fast food, it was things he hunted, like goats. And cats. And other innocent animals. And, in several reported cases, things such as forks, flower pots, and sofas. And this guy was so screwed in the head he even ate his own father for the simple fact that his Dad had forgot to tie Bossk's shoes that day. And, besides mowing down his father, the first thing he did when he was born was munch on the other eggs that were to be his brothers and sisters, which means he brutally murdered half his family. Talk about a mental patient.

Along with this mad obsession of eating things, he also had a fetish for skinning Wookiees like our friend Chewbacca. Isn't that just immoral and terrible? I feel like going and destroying his planet.

Oh, and did I mention he was a sweet bounty hunter? He was.