Dolly Fett Jr.
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18 BBY, Kamino

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Fleece as white as snow

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"I have a baaaaad feeling about this"
―Dolly, when about to get a perm
  • WCommander Cody, a.k.a. Dolly, was a clone trooper afflicted with a bizarre form of hirsutism. Basically, when Kenobi came to Kamino sniffing around looking for clones, the Kaminoans assumed he was Sidney's agent. Eager to meet their deadline for a superclone-prototype, they created Dolly out of as much of Jango Fett's Mandalorian DNA they had available and filled in the unsequenced bits with Sheep's DNA(2224 genes in total had to be filled in, which was incidentally Dolly's serial number). Although this did not affect his performance as a clone, and he looked normal when shaven, his entire body sprouted wool and he had a tendency to bleat, as well as sing off tune in the bath.

Dolly was named after his "mother", the first cloned sheep, who was also called Dolly, so his full name was Dolly Fett Jr. Cody was what the other clones called him to make fun of his lame-ass genetic code.

Cody would go on to become the leader of all the clones, ironically their shepherd. Assigned to Obi-Wan Kenobi when order 66 was issued, Cody was only too happy to shoot 'cause he never got over all the hazing he got for looking like a sheep. However, it should be noted that he failed at this, making him the biggest Clone Loser in the galaxy, except for maybe those two douche bags that were supposed to take out Yoda.

The rest of his story is being gathered, meanwhile understand that fangirls loved him, probably for the same reason Mary loved her little lamb.


Even in death, Commander Cody continues to serve the Empire

Training Edit

Dolly was one of the Elites of the entire cloning facility. He was the best, he even topped his predecessor, Molly. His training caught the attention of some dude with a cool hairdo. He was trained by this dude with a cool hairdo.

Jedi Purge Edit

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"Oh, man, his cheese cutter! Why did I give it back?"
―Dolly, after getting the order 66

Because of this guy with a cool hairdo's given training, Dolly was one of the inevitable. He was most determined to find and kill this guy dude a cool hairdo. He went everywhere on the planet Utapau.

After a while, he found out that this dude with a cool hairdo escaped using General Grievous's small freighter. He was most displeased when he learned this terrible fact, though he knew the initial burrito approach would not kill that dude with a cool hairdo.

Then he accepted the fact, and went on with his duty for the Empire. His first Kobe were training stormtroopers. However one was a rebel in disguise so before long, the training facility had blown up and cody was very dead.

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