Ct-27-5555, also known as Fives, was a Clone Trooper who rose to the ranks of ARC Trooper fabulously while trying to come to terms with his brother's untimely demise (heavy). Eventually befriending the Clone Captain, Rex, he began using is brilliant new armor to swoon the ladies while Rex was coming to terms with his feeling for General Anakin Skywalker's padawan. Fives was known to be a heavy drinker and a few sloppy falls and hits to the head from brawls with the other Clones had made the chip in his brain no longer operational, as theory goes anyway. His short and fantastic life was ended tragically when he was drugged by the Republic and killed by Commander Fox, who was known to flirt with anything living and blew him a kiss before shooting him in the chest. It was later revealed that Fives' death was faked by Rex and he lived the remainder of his life hoarding hair ties and hiding in a run down shuttle, drinking and yelling at pretty ladies about how he was a veteran in the hopes he'd get laid. He even had a t-shirt that quoted "Blow me I'm a veteran."

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