"I love you too."
―Rex, every time him and Cody separated.

Captain Rex belonged to helped Anakin Skywalker lead his battalion of clones because Annie himself was often too busy dreaming about Padme and abusing his padawan. Captain Rex failed because he got distracted by Ahsoka Tano too often and often had hot, underage, interspecies relations with her and Cody. The other clones reported this so they could have Ahsoka and Cody to themselves to bring Rex to justice. Mad, Rex led them on a mission that meant sure death and one of the coolest clones (Heavy) was killed. Rex fought in the rest of the war and was very depressed when the emo killed Ahsoka. But Cody cheered him up. Hard.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Captain Rex was described by Jango as a "obsessed with young women and clones to the point that he will sing in Mando'a just to get some". Captain Rex also replaced Alpha as Annie's clone because it would've been "too much of an alliteration". Had Alpha been the head clone, Ahsoka and Cody would've been much happier and more pleasant people. Rex was engaged to Cody for a couple of weeks into the war until Cody realized he was having an affair with Denal. Also he had random nights with random jedi girls that he usually didn't know existed, he was that active.

After the War Edit

When Order 66 was issued Rex was not effected because Rex was actually never a clone, he was just some guy that looked like Jango Fett that practiced Rex Kwon do. In an act of complete cowardness Rex turned his back on the Jedi who saved his life many times and lied to his clones saying that they had orders to patrol in a remote desert and eat like pigs. Rex and his clones sat around like bums stuffing their faces with whatever animals they could kill. Eventually Ashoka found him again and Rex was like "Oh we were just uh hunting for Darth Vader, but we can help you."Hitler did nothing wrong


Rex after he packed on some pounds.


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What Captain Rex wanted to do to Ashoka

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