"Is Gregor time!"
―Captain Gregor

Captain Gregor

Captain Gregor was a Clone Commando in Grand Army

of the Republic and a prt of the Elite Clone Commando squad know as Delta Squad

Gregor was created by Dave Filoni because he was jealous of the popularity of the Clone Commandos from Delta Squad, so good old Filoni tries to cash in on the popularity of the Republic Commando game! Dave Filoni also hated the fact that there were Clones that he didn't create, and what made it worse was that those Clones were way better than the shitty ones he made for his shitty TV Show the Clone Wars ...

Biography Edit

Gregor was a Republic Commando clone during the early Clone Wars. He was an utter badass like all commandos. He was assumed dead in battle but lived as a slave to a fat ass called Borkus.

With the help of midget colonel named Meeber Gascon he regained his memory and burned borkus alive for being a ass. Gregor then held of battle droids so Gascon and the droids could escape. The platform then blew up, and Gregor was assumed dead.

Star Wars Rebels Edit

Gregor actually survived, but became rather crazy. He met with Rex and Wolffe and the trio removed their Inhibitor Chips, so they didn't execute Order 66. They met with Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and the other crew members of the ghost. Rex then left with them.

about a year later, Hera returned for wolffe and Gregor so they could help to liberate Lothal.

Gregor was part of a team on the lower ground. A Imperial Gunner was shot by him. Gregor went to take control of the sheild, but the gunner shot him. He did not have the high ground. He was able to throw the gunner off the platform to his death. Rex ran to his freind as Gregor died.