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Captain Sillybollocks was a Mandalorian officer who, perhaps due to or because of, his name, had a propensity toward acting rather silly. This bollocks would manifest itself into such activities as juggling live thermal detonators while standing on one foot, or going into battle dressed in a Twi'lek dancer's outfit.


Living prior to and during the Mandalorian Wars, he fought alongside the more sedate Cassus Fett during the Battle of Yoshi's Island. During this engagement, Captain Sillybollocks accidentally lost his bucket, which was kicked by the soldier beside him shortly before that soldier's death. Thus, the saying "to kick the bucket" was born.

During the Battle of Malachor V, Captain Sillybollocks was the aide-de-camp to Mandalore the Sufficient. When the Jedi-cum-Sith Revan engaged Mandalore in combat, the captain acted like a twat, attempting to distract his foe by dropping his armor and waving his...well, you get the idea. After killing Mandalore, however, Revan took pity on the lunatic, and sent him away to Nabooboo, where Captain Sillybollocks lived out his days in a padded apartment devoid of sharp objects and anything resembling rope.

His legacy would live on in the Mandalorian Mistake, a song-and-dance number written by Buddy Bizarre.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Forgotten Sagas

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