Carnor Jax was an Imperial Royal Guard who was awesomely cool. When he first became Palpy's bodyguard, he got sick of the old dingbat's stupid remarks on the Dark Side of the Force and so left the guard, trying to discover his real destiny in the this stupid galaxy we all live in.

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When he discovered he was strong in the ways of the Force, Luke Skywalker tried to train him as a Jedi, and make him his boyfriend. Fortunately, Carnor Jax was straight so he pushed Luke off a cliff. Finally, Carnor Jax became a Sith, and, accompanied by R2-D2, tried to steal Obi-Wan's Jawa Juice. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan sensed a trap and fed Carnor Jax to a rancor.

Mr. Carnor was not related to any of the 582,797,754 Jax Pavans who lived on Coruscant.