Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. ("Hello. How are you?") Huwaa muaa mumwa. ("Can I buy you a drink?") Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma. ("I think my arm has been pulled out of the socket.") Youw. ("Goodbye.") Kabukk ("Ancestor", "councilor", or "guide"; a common suffix to many Wookiee names.) Wyogg, ur oh. ("I am well, thank you.") Ruh gwyaaaag. ("I am a friend.") Common Words haaag ("doorway") awa ("go") yo agaaha ("headache") yaag ("how") muawa ("no") ohh haa ("okay") wuahh ("what") huaahh ("when") muaahh ("who") ah wu aaa ("why") uma ("yes") mu ("I") kourasaa("coruscant") muaarga ("peace") oid ("droid") ur oh ("thank you") yuow ("good-bye") yurinal ("journal") Counting in Shyriiwook (1) ah (2) ah-ah (3) a-oo-ah (4) wyoorg (5) ah wyoorg (6) hu yourg (7) muwaa yourg (8) ah muwaa yourg (9) a-oo-mu (10) a-oo-mu wyaarg, these are all common stuff you would say every day


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