Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1 meter

Hair color


Eye color



Acute senses, vampire fangs

"I'm Batman! Fweep, fweep."
―A Chadra-Fan

Chadra-Fan were short bat-faced humanoids from the planet of Hanging Chad, where everybody hung upside down to sleep.

They were curious, jittery creatures with an intense fear of drowning. They had rapid metabolisms that allowed them to function at full capacity with only two hours of sleep per day. They also had infrared sight, echolocation, chemoreceptive smell, and could receive radio transmissions with their teeth. They enjoyed tinkering with mechanical and electronic devices, especially dangerous ones capable of killing everyone in a fifty-meter radius.

The Chadra-Fan diet was comprised of other people's blood. If you're talking to a Chadra-Fan and then all of a sudden he bites into your arm or neck and lets the wound seep while lapping up the blood and coating your skin with his anticoagulant saliva... well, resist the urge to shriek and yell and call the police. He's just being friendly, and it would be the height of rudeness to stop him.

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