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"Have you ever considered retiring?"
Luke Skywalker to Chaf'orm'bintrano

Chaf'orm'bintrano, also known by his core name Formbi, was a Chiss who at various times worked as an aristocrat, a diplomat to the Galactic Alliance, a commander who fought the buggers, a stormtrooper, a bounty hunter, a cunning linguist, an insurance agent, a Jedi Master, and a Sith Lord. As the head of his Chiss family, he tried to seize Outbound Flight in 27 BBY, but failed when a smuggler and another Chiss named Thrass (no really) flew it away. He reappeared fifty years later to retrieve Outbound Flight's remains and PWN the Vagaari. Another ten years later, he commanded most of the Chiss fleet against the buggers. He knew six million languages and was immune to Jedi mind tricks.

Because of his wide range of identities, it is possible that "Chaf'orm'bintrano" is a title or assumed name within the Chiss that has been bestowed on many different individuals. Another explanation is that he is the next incarnation of Thrawn, or a form assumed by a shapeshifter such as Zam Wesell.
Fehlaaur'aitel'loro, a Chiss diplomat who lived a hundred years later, was considered to be the lamefied version of Formbi.

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