The Chart of Idiotism is used to find out what kind of idiot everyone is. If you want to know what kind of idiot you are just read this and you might find out.

The ChartEdit

Class Description
Class 1 A clumsy idiot, often resulting in pushing buttons that destroy your planet.
Class 2 Idiots that result in saying randomly stupid comments to piss people off.
Class 3 An idiot that eats inedible objects for entertainment.
Class 4 An idiot that does very stupid things for entertainment.
Class 5 A completely mental guy, that can do all of the above.
Class 6 An idiot that is a dumb Sith.
Class 7 An idiot that is so dumb it can't do a single thing.
Class 8 An idiot that gets his body parts in wrong places.
Class 10 An idiot that wants to become an administrator on a wiki so bad, they resort to requesting dumbass ideas like a "Shadows of the Empire Wiki".
Class 11 Idiots that don't even realize that there was no "Class 9".
Class 12 Idiots that scroll back to check for a "Class 9".
Class 13 Idiots that are gullible midgets that are obsessed with cheese, llamas, and farting.
Class 14 Idiots that don't know anything


  • Madclaw has evaluated himself, he is now officialy a class 12 idiot. Thank you.
  • Hunterj is class 11 and 12 idiot and sometimes a class 2 idiot as well.
  • Master Gump has discovered he is a Class 12 Idiot. Whether this actually means anything is uncertain.
  • Wedgepwns!! is a class 2, 8, 11, and 12 Idiot.
  • StarNinja99 seems to be a class 4 idiots, but anyone who doesn't already know that might as well be a class 7 idiot.
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