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The Children of Yoda and Yaddle were a bunch of weird asshole frogs. Like George Foreman's children, the majority of Yoda and Yaddle's kids were named after their father.



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Kermit was the first born son of Yoda and Yaddle. Like his father, Kermit grew up to be a highly successful Jedi until falling into the wrong crowd working for Darth Elmo. Kermit just barely escaped the Sith Lords wrath two days later after failing to destroy a single planet, exiling himself to Tatooine where he lived with Miss Piggy for several years up until his death at the hands of HK-47.

Yoda VigodaEdit


Yoda Vigoda

Yoda Vigoda, the second born son, was a grumpy detective Jedi who amazingly surpassed his father's age in just a matter of weeks. For years, Vigoda struggled in one of the bloodiest wars ever known throughout the galaxy as a general. This war, of course, was the war against hemorrhoids. Vigoda was nearly killed during battle until being saved by his donut cushion army. Vigoda eventually surrendered to the gruesome hemorrhoids, however, and died in 1982.[1]

Yoda D'kanaryEdit


Yoda D'kanary

Yoda D'kanary, the third born son, was a Scottish Jedi spy, often lurking throughout Sith bases, hidden from his enemies using the latest technology. Eventually, D'kanary's position as Jedi spy was replaced by the fourth son, Yoda the Replacement. D'kanary turned to alcohol and eventually killed himself after swearing he would never be a Jedi again...

...but Yoda D'kanary will return in The Jedi Spy Who Molested Me!

Yoda the ReplacementEdit

This one was created when Yoda Longbottom saw that that Jedi scum, Harry Potter, was going about other peoples' business on the train when he suddenly began wondering what it would be like if Yoda Longbottom's gran wanted a replacement.

Yoda the Wookiee-Nookie-istEdit

The school bully, Yoda the Wooke-Nookie-ist loved giving people Wookie-Nookies, but one day he went too far and betrayed his friends all for the help of some ants and this made him want to hang himself.

Angelina YodalieEdit

Yoda the Demon ChildEdit

Yoda the Planet DestroyerEdit

Yoda the Planet Destroyer IIEdit

Yoty CentEdit

Yodar EppsEdit

Yoda the OgreEdit

Yoda the QueenEdit

Yoda the Queen IIEdit

Yodael Jackson, the WatchamacallitEdit

Yoda the PeacefulEdit

Yoda the WomanizerEdit

Yoda the ShockedEdit

Yoda the RedneckEdit

Yoda the DeadEdit

Yoda the MakerEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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