A Chiss: "I'm the pinnacle of sobriety, culture, dignity and manners. I'm also a xenophobe, so go away."
A Core World Human: "Hey, you stole my line!"
— An inter-species cultural exchange, circa 40 ABY

Mitth'raw'nuruodo, a famous Chiss

Chiss were blue-skinned near-humans with red eyes, who thought themselves the greatest race in the galaxy. They were humorless, opposing alcohol as immoral. Subsequently, their populace always looked moody, which in fact they were. Early in their history, they developed a trans-dimensional drive which enabled them to colonize Morrowind.

Chiss were from a secret homeworld that no one had ever visited. No one even knew its name, which was Csilla. The Chiss remained undiscovered by the Galactic Republic for years... despite the fact that people on Coruscant were somehow speaking their language.

Eventually, they hired the Killiks as workers who promptly turned five of the Chiss ruling families into brain-slaves. This pissed off the remaining four, who pwned them. The Killiks in turn were coincidentally taken over by a few Dark Jedi, influencing them to start attacking the Chiss. The New Jedi Order stepped in and decided the bugs were morally correct.

Notable ChissEdit

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