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Everybody else at some point


Created to determine which Mandalorians belonged in the family picture album.

  • First Tusken-Mandalorian War
  • Pork Embargo of Rodia
  • Many others
  • Mandalorian War
  • Many others
"Welcome to the thirteenth centennial Ordo clan reunion! Booze can be found in the kitchen. Please leave your blasters at the door or I'll kick your skull in. Excuse me one moment... Keiber, go see if your Aunt Istah is awake yet and stick her with a vibroshiv if she's not... Thank you and have a nice time!"
―Clan Ordo elder

Clan Ordo was the eighth most populace Mandalorian clan. Its homeworld was Ordo. Its national drink was ouzo and its national food was orzo. Canderous Ordo was a member of this clan. So was Rollo the Fat.


One of many clans, it gained fame early in Mandalorian history when its members butchered the sacred banthas of the Sand People. This did not please the Sand People who then declared war on the Ordos. The Ordos responded by paying the Jawas to bulldoze the Sand People's camps with their sandcrawlers.

Fighting went on for nearly three decades, mostly on weekends. In the end, the Ordos were victorious and, to celebrate, they attempted to slag Tatooine. They were, however, so soused that they mistook their own desert world for the target and fired a near-miss that killed the visiting Mandalore.

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