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The members of the Clayfighter group.

The Clayfighter Wars era dates in 2099, almost 2100, the citizens of Earth would face a giant meteor which would crash and turn 7 (the Blob already WAS clay, he just happened to be on the meteor) unlucky people would become made of clay.

When the meteor crashed, all 8 fighters emerged from the meteor, now constantly bickering whose fault it was this whole damn time. Then suddenly, the owner of the supermarked invited them to Kittyland, a cute-ass play circus with fatty foods and dumb men. So the Clayfighter leader Bad Mr. Frosty agreed that this invatation would be a learning experience for all of them.

When they entered, they saw a Blue Milk stand, and all rushed to be the first to get a glass of tasty bluemilk. Only was their drink interuppted by the owner of the circus, Mr. Buttz, told them that aq fighting competition would be held in the tent, so the fighters walked over and started fighting the crap outta everyone they saw.

The tournament begins in Antartica!!!

Apperently, they heard about Darth Daffy and decided to kill him, too. Then the duck species became exctinct.

After the fighting had settled down, Bonker F. Klownaround asked Helga if she could scratch his butt for him.


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