Coleman Trebor, the dumbest green piece of crap ever

Coleman Trebor was a big dumb green coneheaded Jedi who thought he was all that because when the Jedi including him all went to New Meadowlands Stadium to save Obi Wan Kenobi from getting squashed like a maggot (he wanted to go there to get a new Visa credit card because all the Jedi were using the The Force to push him into the wall because he had a Mastercard and he got in a lot of trouble), to save Anakin Skywalker and to save Padme, he jumped up on to a balcony to try to kill the Epic Sith Grandpa but he got squashed like a maggot because the Blue Guy (who would later get his head chopped off by The Bald Black Dude) shot him with his sick awesome gun thingy and he fell to his death and stuff. He also thought that Jedi weren't celeberties but he's wrong because I heard that every girl wants to make out with Kit Fisto A.K.A the Green Rasta.
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