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Commander Stan was the unluckiest Supreme Commander the Galactic Empire ever had. HE became SC at age 22, but then lost control of the Empire when EviL Daara Zend swayed everyone to her side. Stan hid in the Unknown Regions and tried to regain power. But in 166 ABY, Evil Emperor Palestine defeated Stan in a duel and took over.

Stan's First "Death"Edit

Stan was sent on a mission to kill the JEdi at Endor, but instead was almost killed himself. He lost both legs below the knee, his heart, his right arm and his left hand. Stan was repaired with mechanical prosthetics and some gadgets, but his extendable legs kept malfunctioning, causing him to knock himself out on the ceiling multiple times.

Stan's Second "Death": When Stan fought the Jedi once again, his facemask was shattered and he fell off a bridge onto a huge slab of rock, completely destroying the few organic parts he had left. So Stan had to have a new android body built for himself, but essentially looked like a comical version of Darth Vader with big red buggy eyes.Edit

STAN'S THIRD "DEATH": Five years later, Stan finally turned back to the Light Side and fought Emperor Palestine. This time Stan FINALLY won a battle by killing the Emperor, but then the Emperor's spirit took over his body. So Stan had to exist in hologram form until his new body was ready. Unfortunately, that new body had mobility issues, so Stan's first clone was not able to stop the Emperor(in his fully functional clone body) from escaping. This caused a rift between Stan and the Jedi, so they decided to nominate him Supreme Chancellor and keep him trapped on Coruscant so that he couldn't screw things up anymore.

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