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The following information is Completely Unofficial

may follow. Read on at your own discretion.
Production information


Date created

early 1990's


Boba Vitas

Technical specifications

59214 Unofficial entries And counting


Masculine programming


A lot of MB


Back-end Access database

Chronological and political information
"In the name of Bob Vitas, we should crush them for that."
"Cuswe can."
―Bob Vitas

Yes what can we say about the Cuswe.........well nothing. Its Unofficial so we will not be tempted in making any statements what so ever.

Off the record, we would like to mention that the Unofficial creator of this Unofficial site is Unofficially regarded by fanboys as on of the greatest Unofficial heroes worldwide. On a more Official note, his hard work and effortsUnofficially as they may be
Were noticed by the Canon Cabal and as a token of respect they made him into a Official Canon Character that was subsequently sentenced to death for doing Something Unofficial. This makes one wonder how George Lucas really thinks about anything unaffiliated with Lucasarts. We at Darthipedia however would like to state Officially and completely on the record..........

"All hail Bob Vitas"
Darthipedians hailing Bob Vitas Completely On TEH Record

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TeH Cuswe

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