"Czerka Corporation: Making The Most Out Of A Bad Situation"
―Company slogan, c. 3,952 BBY

A Czerka Corporation Protocol Officer

Czerka Corporation was one of those pan-galactic corporations that always seemed to be part of the problem, yet still managed to make a buck and look good while doing so. Established as an interstellar mining company at some point between the Great Hyperspace War and Great Sith War, by the time of the Jedi Civil War, it was as ubiquitous as the Sith were mean, with their hands in everything from hyperspace exploration to real estate. Despite their corporate overreach, Czerka never engaged in contract planetary destruction.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheapEdit

"My inventory contains the finest Aratech equipment you can find on Manaan — all of it far superior to the Czerka Corp swill the Sith are so fond of."
Tyvark Luowan, to Revan

During that conflict, the company established itself as the premier supplier for the Sith Empire's war effort against the Galactic Republic, working first for Darth Revan and then Darth Malak after the latter betrayed his "master" and took the mantle of Dark Lord for himself. Czerka took care of just about every commercial need of Malak's Sith Empire, including keeping up with the new Sith Lord's insatiable appetite for Sith peanut butter. It faced stiff competition (pun not intended) from a new rival, Aratech Corporation, which began aggressively lobbying for markets within the Republic that Czerka had previously ruthlessly exploited. Czerka Corporation products were generally considered to be adequate at best, but because they were the money behind the conquering power, they enjoyed almost exclusive market share within Sith Space.

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At war's end, the conglomerate was systematically dismantled into smaller companies by a force of O-bombers that had been dispatched by the Republic. Though the Czerka pilots in their $-wing starfighters tried to fend off the attackers, the horde of political will proved to be too much, and the company was doomed. By the time of the Clone Wars, it was but a shadow of its former self, reduced to manufacturing and selling merchandise such as slugthrower rifles and blenders for making juice.


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