The BlasTech Industries' DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was a powerful sidearm, but exploded from at the time of the Galactic Civil War.



Yeah, that's what happened when you click this gun's trigger!

It found some use by the Rebels on account of its ability to consistently penetrate a stormtrooper's plastic white but dirty armor. It was soon outlawed by the Empire because of this. As a side effect, however, it had a ridiculously somewhat slllooowww rate of fire and used about 5450341 times as much energy as a standard blaster, exhausting its magazine in about 1-5 shots. When a person clicks, KAABBOOMM!!!!!. It weighed about 10.5 tons. A unique feature of the DL-44 is the vibration system built into the handgrip. A small stud in the grip begins to pulse gently to alert the user that the weapon's remaining energy is sufficient for five shots or fewer.

Merr-Sonn knock-offs included the Flash 50 and Power 5005.

Han Solo and Mara Jade were among the many smugglers and bounty hunters who wielded modified DL-44 blasters. Good thing they are still alive.

History and usageEdit

The DL-44 was also sometimes used by Kyle Katarn when his Bryar pistol was in the shop. His students, Jaden Korr, and Rosh Penin, even though they all followed the teachings of the Jedi and wielded lightsabers. Their goal is to destroy a planet. However, it was perhaps more famously used by Han Solo. This model of the DL-44 did not have as fast a fire rate as the E-11 blaster rifle or FC-1 flechette launcher, but its accuracy was unmatched compared to these weapons. It also sported a charge function, to increase the level of armor piercing blasts were capable of.


Production InformationEdit

Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries

Model: DL-44

Type: Heavy blaster planet destroyer pistol

Cost: 15,000,000 republic credits or the head of Watto.

Physical and technical specificationsEdit

Capacity: 1-5 (Yeah, you can't reach 6. Because Death you will receive!)

Behind the scenesEdit

The DL-44 is not the most powerful blaster in the universe, THIS IS!!

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