Daiman crazy

Daiman wallows in his craziness.

Zarathustra 2

Oh, great. He's envisioned himself as God .... AGAIN.

"I am Lord Daiman, thy God"

"I am on a drug. That drug is called Lord Daiman. And only I can take it because I am that awesome."
―Daiman, dragging on about himself

Daiman, or Thy God as he liked to refer to himself, was a narcissistic Sith Lord who is, truthfully, completely nuts. I mean, he is legitimately mentally ill. I'm serious, he needs help. This guy is crazier than a dumpster full of hobos on crack.
He thinks he created the universe, isn't that cute? Well, no. It's not cute. It's very, very sad. He apparently created it, I crap you not, BECAUSE HE WAS BORED.TAKE THIS GUY THE THE FRICK'IN INSANE ASYLUM ON COURASONT!

He comissioned innumerable statues of himself striking really gay poses. He eventully grew so mad he killed himself.

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