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Daiman crazy
Daiman wallows in his craziness.
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Zarathustra 2
Oh, great. He's envisioned himself as God .... AGAIN.
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"I am Lord Daiman, thy God"

"I am on a drug. That drug is called Lord Daiman. And only I can take it because I am that awesome."
―Daiman, dragging on about himself

Daiman, or Thy God as he liked to refer to himself, was a narcissistic Sith Lord who is, truthfully, completely nuts. I mean, he is legitimately mentally ill. I'm serious, he needs help. This guy is crazier than a dumpster full of hobos.

He thinks he created the universe, isn't that cute? Well, no. It's not cute. It's very, very sad. He apparently created it, I crap you not, BECAUSE HE WAS BORED.

He comissioned innumerable statues of himself striking really gay poses.

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