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Danica Vader
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Evil Twins don't die

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Too obvious


Taller than Vader

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Black and evil

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Vagina Transplant

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Darth Vader

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Darth Vader

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Evil Twins don't have apprentices

Danica Vader is a female Evil Twin of Darth Vader. Quite unfortunate, that someone as hot as Danica Vader becomes an Evil Twin and falls to the Dark Side, but Danica Vader had a more deadly weapon than Force choke, and that's her Force lightning, Force got milk, Force Sex, and Force Ten Thousand Fists.

Naked Danica Vader

Danica Vader after she takes that damn suit off, and PS. She's naked.

DanicaVaderForce ChokingAnImperial

Danica Vader looks quite similar, only when that damn suit is taken off, you'll see a hot female. Danica Vader kills the hell out of a failure Imperial Officer


Well, Danica Vader is an Extreeeeeemely hot evil twin with a bad temper, who can never stop Force choking, she takes off that damn Darth Vader suit only to show off how hot she is, goes Force shopping a lot and often kills starship pilots to collect two credit bounties and loves hanging up signs that read FUCK, for reasons, look at the Darth Dummy page, please. I have no need to explain here so if you want to know the acronym or want to know what the sign means, bring your little ass over to the Darth Dummy page. Danica Vader was also a victim of the vagina sucking Death Red Spot on Jupiter, which explains the vagina transplant thing above. Miss Vader also loved the smell of blood, and sex, which would explain her acronym made up that was SHIT, Sexy Hot Inner Tits, she would hang that sign on doors too. But I've said too much and the golden toaster has found me so look it up yourself, Peace out.

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