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Evil bieber
Justin Bieber
Biographical information



March 1, 1994 ABY


Hopefully very soon

Physical description



Possibly Male (Believed to be Female though)


1' 2

Hair color


Eye color

Blue (Gay-red as Sith Lord)


Short penis

Chronological and political information

Gay-sith lords

Known masters

Once was Bach

Known apprentices

Hannah Montana

Darth Bieber (born Buttsin Bastard Gaybitch) is the only known openly gay Sith Lord and criminal. (S)he's known for having Force music against Bach and his classical composer enemies regularly and holding the record for the most prepubescent voice for a Sith Lord.


As a child, she was one of the weakest people in her family, not having the strength to lift a penny.
She failed her phy ed classes regularly because of her weak underdeveloped muscles because she was born 11 months early, as a result she was commonly pushed around by people and had her head dumped in garbage cans a lot in his school years. She dropped out of school at age 14 to pursue a music career in an attempt to get as many hand jobs and lap dances as possible. She later, after being successful at getting many lap dances and committing the most crimes (95% of those being sodomite) she decided to become a jedi, Bach taught Darth Bieber the wonderful power known as Force music, and was later trained by Siths to musically abuse his classical composer enemies. She tried to kill bach but Bieber was cut in half.

Later lifeEdit

Justin bieber Darth Bieber tried to kill Beethoven but Beethoven killed her.

There was a funeral and no one came.


  • Having sex
  • Battling Beethoven
  • In jail

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