Darth Bobo
Darth Bobo
Biographical information



No one knows


When he was cooked by some deranged monkey Aqualish eater

Physical description

Very hairy Aqualish


Male (confirmed by Yo Mama)



Hair color

Can't you tell? It's everywhere!

Eye color




Chronological and political information
  • Some New Sith Order for only $19.99
"Eek, ook, eek-eek! Damn it, lady, turn around and listen!"
―Darth Bobo to YO MAMA.

Darth Bobo was a monkey Aqualish. A very hairy one. He also did your mom. Darth Vader approached him once, and ended up getting pissed on. Darth Bobo was a very dangerous little bastard, and once did your mom (wait, didn't we...?). Darth Bobo never got married, but why the hell does that matter?


Family HistoryEdit

Darth Bobo's family history includes the dreaded Dongle Bobo (who?), who was his father. His mother was some freaky monkey chick, and he had a brother named Obob.

Running AwayEdit

Darth Bobo's mom was a total jagweed who abused and molested him. Every night, when the neighbors would walk by, they'd hear Darth Bobo's screams. Sick of the constant abuse, Darth Bobo ran away.

Joining the Bobo Crime SyndicateEdit

Darth Bobo soon after joined his dad's business, the Bobo Crime Syndicate, and was reunited with his father Dongle (seriously, who the hell is this guy?!) and his brother Obob. Darth Bobo, along with his family, stirred up a lot of trouble across the galaxy.

Years later, Dongle Bobo died of a heart attack, which left his crime syndicate without a leader. This led to a showdown between Bobo and Obob. Obob, who had always been very strong, shamelessly kicked Darth Bobo's ass and kicked him out of the business.

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