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Biographical information

Telos IV


3994 BBY



Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color




Chronological and political information

Old Republic era and everything after



Known masters

Revan (briefly)

Known apprentices

Bastila Shan

Darth Carth was born Carth Onasi in an alternate universe on Telos IV. He was, and remains, a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord.


Darth Carth's life started out much like that of our universe's Carth Onasi. However, when Saul Karath tried to recruit Carth to join the Sith, he did. He quickly ascended the Sith ranks, and soon was commander of the entire Sith fleet. It was then discovered that he was powerful in the Force. Starting off as an apprentice to some weak Sith Lord, Carth decided he would gain power more quickly by killing Malak, which he did. He then began training under Revan. Realizing that even Revan was too weak for him, he killed him and assumed the mantle of Dark Lord.

Reign as Dark LordEdit

The Jedi tried the same thing on Carth him as our universe did on Revan. They sent a strike team led by Bastila to try to capture him. However, this failed miserabley. Carth captured Bastila and tortured her into joining the dark side.

Being smarter than Revan and Malak, Darth Carth decided to take action to protect his empire. He sabotaged the Star Maps, making it even more difficult to find the Star Forge. He then wiped out the Elder Rakata, destroying all records of how to enter the temple without inside help. Thanks to these preventative measures, along with the fact that Bastila was a Sith and Revan was dead, allowed him to crush the Republic.


Darth Carth had a minor relationship with his apprentice, Bastila. He wasn't serious about it, however, and didn't even really care when she died invading some planet.

Carth also had a relationship with Darth Evil, who is just as amazing as in our universe. However, in the other universe she actually dated (only once), as there was actually someone in her league.

Time in Our UniverseEdit

In 3951 BBY, Darth Carth discovered he could combine the power of the Force and the Star Forge to eneter alternate universes. Using this technology he entered our universe, where he was very disappointed to meet our universe's Carth, a whining crybaby. After torturing Carth (ours obviously) with Force lightning, he decided to visit the alternate universe where Carth (version 3) and female Revan were in love. He then stole Revan from Carth and dated her. After that relationship grew boring, he killed her and reutrned the body to Carth (version 3). Realizing that meeting lame alternate was depressing, he returned to his own universe.


Bored of being the unquestionable ruler of the Galaxy, in 3240 BBY Darth Carth retired to a tropical planet with Darth Evil. Anyone who goes there without permission has their planet destroyed.

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