Darth Cha-Cha
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You fool!?

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Kitty Hate Group

"F*ck You, Kitty Witty"
―Darth Cha-Cha, to Kitty Witty in battle

Darth Cha-Cha was the most powerfullest Sith ever. No one knows when or where he was born, nor do they care. Cha-Cha was the one who created the deadly "Skweekee Toy" lightsaber technique.

His life and stuff he did...yeah Edit

His career started when he was two years old. On his home planet, he saw some kittens and killed them. Don't ask me why, I have not idea whatsoever. Anyway, his parents thought that it was a little creepy so they sent him to a psychiatrist. But, not any psychiatrist. They sent him to Darth Psychiatrist! Muwhahaha! On Cha-Cha's first appointment, he killed Darth Psychiatrist when he accidentally created his "Skweekee Toy" technique. He then killed some kittens for fun, and escaped.

I Hate Kitties! Edit

After a couple years of hiding out in the backwaters of the galaxy, Cha-Cha led a campaign against all Cat's, Kitty's, Felines, etc. Anywho, his war against these creatures became known as the Galactic-Ultra-Insanely Bloody-Cat,Kitty,Feline,etc.-War. This horrible war went on for two thousand years until he met Kitty Witty. The last epic battle of the Galactic-Ultra-Insanely Bloody-Cat,Kitten,Feline,etc.-War took place in Yo-Mamaopolis, on the small planet of Yomamama. They fought for hours on end until Kitty Witty cut off his head. The End. Yeah, so Cha-Cha is, like, dead now.

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