Darth Cheaters (right) and his homie.
Darth Cheaters
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Darth Dateline NBC

Darth Cheaters was a holo-program host and a known playa who, not known to many, had the special abilities to find couples cheating on each other. Darth Cheaters was a very strong Sith who frequently used said ability Force-bust his enemies to make them show evidence cheating. He was said to have caught Anakin Skywalker cheating on Padmé which later led to Vader having a grudge with him. At first Darth Cheaters wanted to use his powers for good but when a little person we call Chris showed him how much fun being a Sith was. Darth Dateline NBC trained Darth Cheaters in the way of becoming truly powerful and also the way of Holo-programing which lead to Darth Cheaters developing his own show which he aptly named "Cheaters". However, show was quickly canceled, which led to Darth Cheaters becoming a hip-hop gangsta, changing his name to Joey.


Early lifeEdit

Darth Cheaters grew up with the strange ability to reveal people cheating. Oddly enough the first person he ever busted was his own father (we sadly can not tell you how his father cheated on his mother for, ummm... legal reasons). When he did this his father got enraged and threw him out the door. Darth Cheaters then made it his mission to stop people from cheating on each other for the "good" of the world. However, this would not last long....

Becoming a SithEdit

One Darth Cheaters found out that good totally sucked and that his powers were not to be used for good but EVIL. This is when Darth Cheaters met Darth Dateline NBC. Chris saw very big talent in Darth cheaters so he decided to train him in the ways of the sith and show him the true power of evil. Darth Cheaters trained with Darth Dateline NBC and eventually became a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord and at this point in time Darth Dateline NBC thought it was time to teach him the ways of Holo-Programming so Darth Cheaters would one day have his own show.

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