"My body is a road map of pain."
―Darth Disfigurement

Darth Disfigurement was a Sith Underlord known for his countless bodily injuries and alterations. By the time of his defeat at the hands of Darth Darth Binks, Darth Disfigurement's only undamaged body part was his duodenum.


In addition to having his hands, feet, arms, legs, pelvis, ears, nose, and ponytail severed in numerous lightsaber battles, Lord Disfigurement had dry, cracked skin and consistently refused lotion when it was offered to him. He did, however, undergo Orbalisk Rejuvenation Therapy, which worked wonders for the orbalisks but only served to further disfigure Darth Disfigurement.


Lord Disfigurement was born on the only planet in the galaxy, where he quickly developed multiple debilitating skin and lung conditions due to the harsh environment. Eventually, his chain-smoking parents reluctantly took him to Dr. Cornelius' Feelgood Happy Clinic of Merriment and Physiological Comfort. The outcome of this visit was less than optimum; therefore, deprived of the ability to sue Dr. Cornelius for malpractice (since his parents, on whom he relied for support, had been restitched into an ottoman), Disfigurement assumed his Sith name and tried to kill Cornelius. He was young and inexperienced, however, and only managed to shatter three of his own ribs.

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