Darth Obvious
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Darth Dweb was the Stormtrooper tasked with playing the Imperial march.

Darth Dweb, a.k.a Darth Dewbo, Darth Dweberson, and Look, You Got Some Dweb on Your Face, was once a Dork Lord of the Sith (and nobody cared). His home planet was located in the Inter-Galactic Park's lake.



Born on an unspecial day at an unspecial hour, nobody bothered placing the date on Darth Dweb's birth certificate (hence Darth Dweb's claim to exist since before time). Although his mother intented to name her son Darth Dweeb, she no longer cared, and forgot to place an extra e in his name. That e was later stolen by Leeroy Jenkins.


Darth Dweb was raised on a tiny, backwater sandbox in the Inter-Galactic Park's lake. Darth Dweb kept getting sand in his blue milk, which many lunatic examiners doctors believe resulted in his Sithy personality.

The gameEdit

Due to an abundance of nobody cares, the Gods decided to use Darth Dweb's planet as the ball in a game of water polo (the planet became a footnote in the Journal of the Whills because of this). Unfortunately, Kyle Katarn totally PWN3D the planet and sent it into a sand box.

Forgotten lifeEdit

"You had a father, but I just don't care enough to remember."
Shmi Skywalker to Anakin Skywalker.

During his time in the big box of sand, Darth Dweb met Shmi Skywalker. Shmi thought she cared about him, so they did you-know-what, and a crybaby with bad acting skills was conceived. However, Shmi quickly and completely lost interest in Darth Dweb, and totally forgot all about him. As a result, Shmi was convinced that Anakin had no father.


Nobody cared enough to know.

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