Darth Krayt-Burl Ives

Darth Krayt reveals himself to be Burl Ives!

"I grew in understanding and power and made myself into Darth Fanon. But I was born . . . wait, what was I saying again?"
―Darth Fanon

Darth Fanon was a Sith Lord whose identity wasn't revealed until everyone in the galaxy made a guess at it. Turns out he was just some Jedi nobody remembered from a hundred and fifty years before. In order to PWN the unknown nuisance, Darth Vader made every attempt to utilize the powah of the tiny burrito to destroy Darth Fanon. However, Fanon's ability to run like a bitch in lightsaber combat allowed him to escape Vader's justice.

His best friend was Darth Wyyrlok. His uncanny ability to NOT FUCKING DIE TIME AFTER TIME earned him the title "the Human Cockroach" among his friends. Fanon housed a deep loathing for Scientology, and eventually hunted Scientologists into extinction. He later burnt on a sun and died. What a shame.


"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
―Darth Fanon
"May the Fanon be with you."
―Darth Fanon
"We love you daddy Fanon!"
Star Wars Fanon Wiki to its dad, Darth Fanon

Behind the scenesEdit

"Yo Mama so fat and full of bush the Wookiees named their planet after her!"
―Darth Vader to the future Darth Fanon

It is a well-known fact that Darth Fanon changed his name, turned to the Dark Side, hid himself in a mask for 150 years, and learned how to play online Poker because of Darth Vader. The two were having a Yo Mama catfight on the Death Star, and it just slipped. Fanon cried to his mother (very typical for a Jedi, right Anakin?) over it at dinner, so she advised him to join the Sith...and he did!

Before Darth Fanon's true name was revealed, it was speculated by rabid fanboys (and hopeful fangirls) that he was just about every dude in the Star Wars galaxy. When it turned out that his true identity was in no way juicy or scandalous, his nickname quickly changed to Darth Disappointment.

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