Darth Krayt-Kitteh
Darth Felinus Hilarius
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2,189 BBY


618 BBY

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0.4 meters

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"I can has cheezburger?"
―Darth Felinus Hilarius[src]

Darth Felinus Hilarius was a Felinoid Sith Mega-Super-Overlord from the world of Felucia, who lived during the time of the New Sith Wars. A powerful Force-user with a fondness for "cheezburgers," Felinus Hilarius, better known as Darth LOLCat, was a master of Force Die Laughing. A devastating power, it was unleashed upon Darth LOLCat's enemies many times, and sometimes even those of her allies who did not immediately perceive just how awesome her sense of humor was. While she was capable of speaking Basic, Darth LOLCat had a somewhat annoying habit of employing ludicrously bad grammar and misspellings whenever she spoke or wrote. One of her favorite activities was taking snapshots of fellow Felinoids in ridiculous positions and writing funny captions for them, which she would Holoshop onto these holographs and publish them to teh Interwebs. Darth LOLCat eventually met her doom when she encountered the Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah while the Jedi was on vacation there. Yoda's own quirky sense of humor was so great, that it allowed him to deflect Darth LOLCat's greatest Force-asset, which rebounded upon her. The force of the resulting fit of guffaws was so great, that she ruptured her appendix, killing her slowly and horribly.

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